Environment, Health and Safety

“Nitesh Estates will operate incident and injury free projects and is committed to realizing this wherever the company has a presence. This philosophy reaches every part of the Group’s operations across hotels, shopping malls, offices, homes and extends to all it’s clients, suppliers, sub-contractors and other stake holders
Nitesh Estates will :

  • Invest in what it takes to achieve this vision.
  • Empower it’s employees to demonstrate leadership in making this vision a reality.
  • Proactively work with all the stake holders including architects, clients, sub-contractors and the work force to make this vision a reality and remain prepared to “walk away” rather than “compromise” the Nitesh Estates commitment to safety.
  • Own and Act on this vision – this requires a mindset intolerant to any injury or accident regardless of frequency or severity.

Nitesh Estates believes :

  • That working accident and injury free is a basic human right.
  • Those who view accident and injury free working as a given norm and make this happen will become leaders in the property industry.
  • Nitesh Estates recognizes that this is achievable if our employees and stake holders are totally committed to it.

That a commitment to being accident and injury free requires individuals to take a personal stand and in doing so, demonstrate great courage and trust.


Nitesh Estates focus on Going Green:
Nitesh Estates is committed to creating a significant impact on the environment footprint. In a short span of 10 years the commitment is visible in Nitesh Columbus Square and Nitesh Cape Cod, two state of the art homes in Banglore, India. The impact of this commitment is also visible in the Nitesh owned luxury hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Bangalore. The company is focused on deploying practices which are sustainable in all the four asset classes – Homes, Hotels, Office Buildings and Shopping Malls.

Nitesh Cape Cod is defined by distinct “Green Architecture” that works in harmony with natural features and resources to maximize efficiency of the building.  The unique blend of technology and eco-friendly measures are first of its kind, it proposes to be easy on the environment without compromising on comfort. The project has been awarded Gold pre-certification from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes Rating.

The Ritz – Carlton, Bangalore is focused on integrating environmental sustainability across the business, including architecture and construction, hotel operations, and procurement. A comprehensive set of initiatives and practices are in place, designed to reduce energy use, water consumption and waste, while database and monitoring systems track consumption and monitor progress against goals.